July 2017 - July 2018

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It is our pleasure to share this Annual Report detailing the recent accomplishments of Eyewitness Palestine. In the past year, we have:

  • Dispatched 4 delegations and 96 delegates to meet with peace-builders in Palestine/Israel, increasing our network of delegates to over 1,300 since 2001;

  • Rolled out a Racial Justice and Equity curriculum to ensure that every delegate has the tools to be an agent of change, equality, and love;

  • Distributed $161,540 in financial aid through our Scott Kennedy Memorial Scholarship Fund, partnerships, and grants;

  • Expanded our online network to more than 25,000 people by launching a new website, email marketing system, and social media presence; and

  • Dramatically increased the diversity of Eyewitness Palestine delegations, contributing to a movement for Palestinian rights that is multi-generational and representative of multiple communities.

Thanks to your support, Eyewitness Palestine is at the forefront of an ever-more-powerful movement for Palestinian liberation. That’s why Eyewitness Palestine was recognized by the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights as the Outstanding Member Group of 2018.

Thank you for joining us on this transformational journey for justice with Palestinian and Israeli peace-builders!

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Nada El-Eryan
Managing Director

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Lorraine LeBlanc
Chair, Board of Directors


Eyewitness Palestine is a crucial doorway to the movement for Palestinian rights. Make your contribution today.


A Channel to the World

Building Connections with Palestinian and Israeli Peace-Builders

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Eyewitness Palestine gives us a channel to the world – a deep channel – reaching to the grassroots and digging under the surface,” says Tamer Nafar, a Palestinian hip-hop artist, writer, and actor. “In that way, it is like a tunnel, like those dug in Gaza to reach the outside world."

Tamer leads us through his hometown of Lydd. His tours reveal the racism and discrimination Palestinians face inside the state of Israel, even as citizens.

Since 2001, Eyewitness Palestine has brought people like you into the worlds of Palestinian and Israeli activists, organizers, and artists like Tamer. You are a vital part of this work. You have helped us foster connections, build movements, and work for change.

As the movement for Palestinian rights grows and evolves, so does Eyewitness Palestine. But through every step of our journey – from the Fellowship of Reconciliation, to Interfaith Peace-Builders, to today – we are guided by our values.

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Eyewitness Palestine delegates build solidarity from the grassroots. Like a solid foundation, our values ground our work with Palestinian and Israeli peace-builders.

Six values guiding Eyewitness Palestine's journey for justice are highlighted in the sections of this report.


Transforming the Movement

Eyewitness Palestine Delegates Build Power at the Intersections


We believe that every person deserves to live with dignity, freedom, and within an equitable society. Our delegates, and other members of Eyewitness Palestine's growing community, are extensions of this dream and vision.

There's only one way to truly understand the realities of Palestine/Israel - through the eyes of those who live there. Since 2001, Eyewitness Palestine has led 66 journeys of discovery and guided over 1,300 people to Palestine/Israel.

Partnerships with the Center for Constitutional Rights, American Muslims for Palestine, Jewish Voice for Peace, and the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship brought skilled organizers and advocates to the delegations.

Last summer, the Just Faith Delegation included Muslim, Jewish, and Christian leaders from around the United States. This April, the Justice Delegation included civil rights and social movement leaders actively working on domestic justice issues in North America.

Between summer 2017 and summer 2018, 96 people joined an Eyewitness Palestine journey on 4 delegations.

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59% of recent delegates are millennials; and 55% are people of color – increasing by five times since 2009.

Eyewitness Palestine and our partners distributed $161,540 in financial aid. Funds came from the Scott Kennedy Memorial Scholarship Fund, partnerships, and grants.

74 of 96 delegates received some form of financial assistance, including every delegate on the Just Faith Delegation and the Justice Delegation.

This is the first year that the majority of delegates have been financially supported.

We believe social change happens from the ground up. Therefore, Eyewitness Palestine centers the narratives, histories, and lived experiences of Palestinians - both in Palestine and within the diaspora.


Accelerating Advocacy

Eyewitness Palestine Delegates Fuel Campaigns for Palestinian Rights and More

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We believe that misconceptions prevalent in mainstream discourse can be effectively confronted through experience. Eyewitness Palestine delegates root their advocacy in the lived experience of Palestinians and Israelis working for peace with justice.

Eyewitness Palestine is a growing community of educators, organizers, and changemakers.

Eyewitness Palestine has transformed people far and wide, helping build the mass movement we need for justice so long overdue,” explains Anna Baltzer of the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights. “There is no better organization that I know of to take you on that journey.”

We work with each delegate to help them learn, grow, and develop their advocacy in whatever way is best suited to them. Using these fresh skills, Eyewitness Palestine delegates are among the most effective advocates for peace in Palestine/Israel.

Delegates are building collective power, creating effective coalitions for justice, and accelerating the movement for Palestinian rights.

This year, Eyewitness Palestine introduced our Racial Justice and Equity curriculum, where delegates strengthen accountability to communities struggling for justice and identify frameworks for advocacy.

Vince Warren and Katherine Franke on Democracy Now!

Vince Warren and Katherine Franke on Democracy Now!

Delegates in Action: Lauren J. profiled by TeenVogue protesting a white supremacist rally in Boston; Elizabeth R. speaks for Mass Against HP; Matt B. protests Netanyahu's visit to Philadelphia.

Delegates in Action: Lauren J. profiled by TeenVogue protesting a white supremacist rally in Boston; Elizabeth R. speaks for Mass Against HP; Matt B. protests Netanyahu's visit to Philadelphia.


Aided by 16 webinars held before and after each delegation, Eyewitness Palestine delegates organized well over 500 events and actions, including: appearances on NBC, ABC, Democracy Now!, the Washington Post, TeenVogue, the Forward, Ha’aretz, and the Electronic Intifada; presentations at Howard University, the University of Kentucky, San Francisco State; and national events such as the Rise for Climate Justice and the Stop Kavanaugh mobilizations.


See more events and actions from Eyewitness Palestine delegates:

We believe in relationships and nurture our long-standing ties with communities of peace-builders, resisters to oppression, and nonviolent activists.


Working Towards Justice

Our Community Makes It Possible


We believe social change happens from within. Therefore, Eyewitness Palestine fosters shared power in decision making, and equally values the labor and gifts of each person in our community - staff, volunteers, delegates, donors, and partners.

July 2017 - June 2018

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More than a delegation, Eyewitness Palestine is a community working towards justice. Together, we are building the movement for Palestinian rights.

It all begins with the care that you – and so many others – bring to this work. You have stood with us as we foster connections, build movements, and work for change.

Contributions from people like you account for nearly 50% of the funds needed to operate Eyewitness Palestine’s programs.

In the 2018 Fiscal Year, Eyewitness Palestine's total budget equalled $518,952. We paid $148,575 for direct services for delegates (hotel costs, guide salaries, etc) leaving $370,377 to cover Eyewitness Palestine’s organizational operations. This Operational Income is reflected in the chart at right.

We invest $5,800 in each delegate. The average delegate pays $2,600 and receives $1,600 in scholarships. The remaining $1,600 comes from individual donors and small grants. 

Donations from individuals account for 27.5% of Eyewitness Palestine's total investment in each delegate.

Your contribution makes it possible for delegates to engage in education and advocacy after the journey, learn crucial skills and lessons to achieve racial justice and equity, and accelerate their engagement in movements for social change!



What Does a Delegate Cost?
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We believe in collective liberation and the transformative power of nonviolent social change. Eyewitness Palestine builds power at the intersections and challenges oppression, racism, and war in all forms.

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People Power

Eyewitness Palestine Depends on You

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The essence of Eyewitness Palestine is the care that everyday people have for one another. The connections we have built with Palestinian and Israeli peace-builders since 2001 make every delegation feel like a family reunion.

Israel is working harder than ever to isolate Palestinians – recently taking aim at travelers planning to meet with peace-builders.

Eyewitness Palestine is the longest running, consistent, and accountable program directly connecting with Palestinian organizers and activists. We cannot let the Israeli government stop us!

In September, Eyewitness Palestine was recognized as the Outstanding Member Group of 2018 by the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights for making significant advances in the cause for freedom, justice, and equality.

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Thanks to your support, we will bring more people face-to-face with Palestinians; to share a smile; a cup of tea; and – crucially – a vision for a world free of injustice and oppression.

Your investment in Eyewitness Palestine is an investment in people coming together to make change.

Each penny we raise is a step towards a better world. This is our commitment to you.

Every step – every dollar – builds the momentum we need to succeed.

Thank you for joining us on this transformational journey for justice with Palestinian and Israeli peace-builders.

Let's get to work!

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your gift builds this movement

Eyewitness Palestine Helps People of All Ages Become Lifetime Changemakers in the Movement for Palestinian Rights

The past few months have hit Palestinians hard, with cuts to UNRWA and anti-boycott laws cropping up all over the country. Eyewitness Palestine hasn’t been immune. Some of the funding we expected has been redirected to meet immediate humanitarian needs.

This new reality under the Trump Administration also shows us that now, more than ever, Palestinians and Israelis working toward justice and peace need advocates.

We must raise $90,000 by year-end. Your tax-deductible gift brings us that much closer to our goal.

Eyewitness Palestine’s Managing Directer, Nada El-Eryan, with Bassem, Ahed, and Nariman Tamimi during a delegation visit to Nabi Saleh.

Eyewitness Palestine’s Managing Directer, Nada El-Eryan, with Bassem, Ahed, and Nariman Tamimi during a delegation visit to Nabi Saleh.

Our work for peace with justice goes back more than 17 years. From the Fellowship of Reconciliation to Interfaith Peace-Builders and, now, Eyewitness Palestine, our commitment to nonviolent social change has never wavered.

This is your journey for justice with Palestinian and Israeli peace-builders

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Read this Annual Report as a pdf

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special thanks to the Eyewitness Palestine delegates whose photos appear in this report: Steve Pavey, Hideko Otake, Lindsay Littrell, Aniqa Raihan, Amira AbuLughod, Rahul Saksena, Will Yetvin, Melissa Nussbaum, Nada El-Eryan, and Lissie Perkal.