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Participants on the Palestine 2.0 Delegation explore the current realities for Palestinians, including the repression of Palestinian strategic organizing, the separation and segregation of the Palestinian population, and creative ways communities are continuing to resist.

Follow the delegation to eyewitness accounts from the grounds, reports from meetings, and experiences with Palestinians and Israelis.

Exclusive content will also be available on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook under the hashtags #eyewitness67.

This delegation is Eyewitness Palestine's 67th, successfully exposing more than 1,300 people to the daily realities facing Palestinians in their quest for justice.

We believe in the power of eyewitness experience and transformation. Given the opportunity to speak directly with Palestinians and Israelis, delegates return to the United States better informed, more energized, and with a deeper understanding of the possibilities for true justice in the Middle East.

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