Environmental Justice & Olive Harvest Delegation



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Applications will be Accepted on a Rolling Basis

(Apply ASAP to reserve a spot!)

About the Delegation

This delegation is your opportunity to visit Palestine during the olive harvest season — a culturally rich and important time.

Hear from farmers and learn of the importance of agriculture to the economy and culture. Learn about threats to the environment, the exploitation of natural resources, and the struggle of Palestinian communities to maintain access to land and water.

As with all Eyewitness Palestine delegations, you will also meet additional Israelis and Palestinians working for peace and justice as well as visit many important historical sites.

Ground Costs: $3,000.00

We provide travel scholarships and resources for your fundraising (see below)

Costs and Funding

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2019 Ground Costs: $3,000.00

We provide travel scholarships and resources for your fundraising:

Your Ground Costs for an Eyewitness Palestine Delegation include almost everything in the 12 day journey:

  • Orientation in Washington, DC

  • Air-conditioned and wi-fi enabled buses

  • Comfortable hotel and intimate homestay accommodations

  • Daily breakfasts and delicious dinners

  • Professional local guides

  • Basic tips for guide, driver, and hotel staff

  • Honararia for Palestinian and Israeli presenters

  • Experienced activists from North America to accompany the delegation as Co-Leaders

Ground Costs do not cover:

  • International airfare - our travel agents find the most affordable group flights available on reputable airlines

  • Lunches - budget around $10-$15 per day

  • Souvenirs and gifts - you will have ample opportunities to shop

  • Extra tips - we give a group tip to our guide and driver at the end of the journey, but encourage additional tips

Features of Your Delegation

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Travel & Safety

We focus on safety so you can focus on learning, connecting with Palestinians and Israelis, and building solidarity.

Food & Hospitality

Palestinians take great pride in hospitality, and you will understand why!

Resources & Support

We help you tell your story and organize with others for justice!

Your Journey to Meet the Peace-Builders


Each Eyewitness Palestine delegation itinerary is unique, but every trip features meetings with Palestinian and Israeli activists committed to a future of peace with justice.

We prioritize grassroots voices and diverse perspectives not often heard in North America. We reach deeper to find alternative images that give a more complete picture of Palestine/Israel.