Fair Trade Products from Palestine

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Support Fair Trade Palestinian Farmers and Eyewitness Palestine

Eyewitness Palestine partners with Canaan Fair Trade to make high-quality fair trade Palestinian products available throughout North America.

Fair trade helps maintain a sustainable market for Palestinian farmers and empowers marginalized Palestinian rural communities hurt by Israel’s policies of closure and colonization.

You can buy and sell Palestinian olive oil to help support Palestinian farmers and a small percentage of your purchase and/or sales will also benefit Eyewitness Palestine.  It’s a win-win situation!  

Buy Fair Trade Products

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Canaan products are certified fair trade and most are USDA organic. Canaan's olives and olive oil are highly prized and valued for the wide impact they have on producers’ communities through fair trade practices.

When you purchase fair trade Palestinian olive oil and other products you help both the farmers and IFPB, strengthening our partnership! Check out our online store!


sell Fair Trade Products

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Eyewitness Palestine delegates and volunteer sell Canaan Fair Trade products in their communities. They travel to fair trade expos, set up tables at farmers markets, or at houses of worship in the community, and/or sell products to friends, family and neighbors.

It's a great way to support this great initiative and advocate for peace in Palestine/Israel at the same time! 

As a seller, you can affiliate with Eyewitness Palestine and a portion of all sales will benefit the organization.

Stock Fair Trade Products Locally

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Think of where you would want to buy Canaan Fair Trade products locally. Canaan sells very well in local food cooperatives and specialty stores (gourmet or fair trade gift stores). 

When your local store buys Canaan olive oil, Canaan will send Eyewitness Palestine a $50 donation in your name.

We can help you approach your local stores and successfully market these incredible products!

Meet the Fair Trade Farmers

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Every Fall, we guide an Olive Harvest and Environmental Justice Delegation to Palestine/Israel.

In addition to other programming, the delegation visits Palestinian farmers in the West Bank and is hosted by Canaan Fair Trade for their annual Olive Harvest Festival.

Eyewitness Palestine delegates join the farmers and their families in the olive groves in and around Jenin.

Our Partnership with Canaan Fair Trade

Canaan Palestine is dedicated to artisan quality olive oil and other products.

A social entrepreneurship firm, Canaan is based in Jenin, Palestine. Canaan sources agricultural food products from a network of 49 cooperatives organized in the Palestine Fair Trade Association with membership numbering more than 1,700 farm families.

Canaan products are certified fair trade; most are USDA organic and can be found at specialty and organic shops across the USA and Europe. Canaan's olives and olive oil are highly prized and valued for the wide impact they have on producers’ communities through fair trade practices.