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When you join Eyewitness Palestine, your safety is our priority. Eyewitness Palestine delegations seek to understand the roots of violence in Palestine/Israel, but we do not seek it out. 

We monitor the security situation and maintain regular contact with Palestinian and Israeli partners, our licensed guides are experts in understanding the local security situation, and our leaders are experienced and equipped to deal with any situation.

We’ve led over 67 delegations since 2001 without a single major safety incident. We travel on established airlines and air-conditioned buses. Our professional drivers are adept at navigating the narrow streets and unique traffic conditions of the Holy Land.

We focus on safety so you can focus on learning, connecting with Palestinians and Israelis, and building solidarity.

Six Steps to SafeTy

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We never take your safety for granted. When you join an Eyewitness Palestine delegation, we make a commitment to your security. The following steps have helped us lead over 60 delegations without a major safety incident:



We continually monitor events and assess the prospects for a safe delegation, including maintaining contact with our Palestinian and Israeli contacts.


Professional Palestinian guides and drivers (fluent in Arabic and Hebrew) escort every delegation and our North American leaders have significant experience in the region.


Eyewitness Palestine delegations travel on private tour buses owned and operated by a Palestinian agency. Buses are well-maintained, air-conditioned, and often equipped with electricity and wi-fi.


We stay in Palestinian-owned hotels with professional staff, security systems, and lockboxes in the rooms.


Every delegation carries basic medical supplies and selects a volunteer Health Coordinator with the responsibility of helping other delegation members manage health needs.


Guides and leaders call ahead the day before and the morning of each visit so that we know the situation in each town and village before we arrive. If a security concern emerges, we act quickly to make necessary adjustments to the itinerary.

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Emily, our Program Director, is ready to answer your questions! Ask about safety, security, or anything else related to your Eyewitness Palestine delegation. Emily is here to help!

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There's only one way to truly understand the realities of Palestine/Israel - through the eyes of those who live there.

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