Apply for a Scholarship

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Since our inception in 2001, Eyewitness Palestine has made it a goal to help anyone join our delegations. Our Scott Kennedy Memorial Scholarship Fund prioritizes activists, people of color, and young adults for limited grants. Eyewitness Palestine's scholarships offset the delegation ground fees and generally range from $250 up to $1,500 per person.


Scholarship Application Instructions:

  1. Fill out this form if you have already submitted the Delegation Application. We will only consider scholarship requests for individuals already accepted on an Eyewitness Palestine delegation.
  2. Completely fill out the secure application

  3. Submit the form
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Emily, our Program Director, is ready to answer your questions! Ask us about the scholarship process or anything else related to the delegation. Emily is here to help!


Need a Hard Copy?

We can email you a version of the scholarship application as a Word and/or PDF document, which you can submit via email or standard mail.