There's only one way to truly understand the realities of Palestine/Israel - through the eyes of those who live there. 

Palestinians and Israelis welcome us into their homes, offices, and places of worship to learn from them about their lives.

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race, class & money in palestine/israel Delegation

JUNE 2020

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It is more clear than ever that many countries around the world - including the United States - are capitalizing from the on-going occupation of Palestine, while they gain interest in other markets of oppression world-wide.

This delegation will take an in-depth look at the daily realities for Palestinians and Israelis while exploring the connections between race, class, and money, from the birth of this colonial conflict until today.

Application Deadline:
March 1, 2020



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Palestinian communities are ground zero for the billion dollar military technology industry as new products and tactics for population surveillance and control are often first deployed in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Many of the world’s largest corporations are profiting from Israel’s embrace of high-tech military and police industries. This delegation explores this reality and learns directly from the Palestinians and Israelis challenging it.

Application Deadline:
May 1, 2020





This delegation is your opportunity to visit Palestine during the olive harvest season — a culturally rich and important time.

Hear from farmers and learn of the importance of agriculture to the economy and culture. Learn about threats to the environment, the exploitation of natural resources, and the struggle of Palestinian communities to maintain access to land and water.

Application Deadline:
AUGUST 1, 2020

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