In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus says, "I tell you, if you keep quiet, the stones will cry out." In this desert land, where every edifice and road filled is intentionally designed by rock from the stone dirt landscape, it is clear. The stones have been crying out so long their hoarseness can only be translated from silence. 

The 3 full days I have been here, is beyond heart breaking. There are no songs that can speak to what I've seen. Pictures and video reveal an important sliver, but just a sliver. Truly, there is no history that can speak to what has been happening here. There is no amount of tears or sobs that can paint a picture of the evil and horror that is at work. What is happening here is evil in such an extreme form it's almost beautiful. 

As a person of color I will not make what I see about me, and what people with my identities experience in the US. I will share only what I have witnessed. If you don't believe me, come see this hell for yourself.  I would cry tears of joy if this reality didn't exist. Israel is not about Judaism, it is about maintaining state Zionism. The most efficient white supremacist agenda ever. 

To witness the concern and heightened alertness on my new friends’ faces, as their brother and uncle are locked in Al Aqsa, makes this reality more intimate. A little while before, Muslims in the Al Aqsa compound were locked in and shot with tear gas and rubber coated bullets as a form of collective punishment for peacefully resisting the security occupation of the mosque. The night before, I happened to be with one of my Muslim friends and we caught wind that the security cameras were taken down from the mosque. We were able to join the celebration. The joy on his face, on the faces of all the Palestinians created a space of praise. Sweets were passed around, local Imams lifted up, fireworks shot from the sky, it was a space of relief, and joy that gave all glory and honor to Allah. 

These actions are a reflection of the human and religious integrity of Israel, and Palestinians. From what I have seen and continue to see, it is shamefully clear whose integrity is non-existent. Our silence and ignorance are two of the many ways we are complicit. Our skewed media (if we get any reports at all) intentionally keeps us dumb.

I am resolved to remember and never forget. I will not let this go.

I am resolved to the truth of this horror and have committed myself to this work in which ironically, the salvation of our global humanity is at stake.

When I look around this Holy Land, all I hear is the screaming silence of rocks.

There is much work to be done.

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