Hope is Palestine's language

D67 Youth with branch (D67 S Pavey).jpg

This Eyewitness Palestine alumni trip allows me to blend my 2014 Palestine experience with the Presbyterian Church - USA with the connections and support Eyewitness Palestine provides.

Our group has jelled quickly due to our size of 15, repeat travelers already being friends, and a marvelous pre-trip training that included sharing our " Stories of Self."

Concern got a grip on me as we learned of possible hold-ups at the passport procedure line upon entering Israel. But positive suggestions renewed my outlook. That milestone met successfully, we headed for east Jerusalem and our Palestinian-owned Holy Land Hotel!

Walking the streets and climbing the hills and valleys of Hebron filled our first two days, ripping my heart right out of my chest. A world of heartbreak: a time to witness Israel's "man's inhumanity to man. "

Yet also, the blessing of seeing the presence of Palestinians' hope and hospitality beyond measure! Hope is Palestine's language.