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Eyewitness Palestine delegate delegate Tracey R went on our IPOC Delegation in 2016. She has been compiling photos from the delegation along with photos from Black Lives Matter demonstrations in the DC Area, and photos from the Standing Rock Indian Reservation to put on display. She needs your help to fund the exhibit!

Tracey, who grew up in Philadelphia and is a member of the UU Community, “couldn’t help but notice similarities between the treatment of Palestinians under Israeli occupation and Blacks here in the US.”

She finds that “just talking to people about the parallels between justice movements—something her travels made obvious to her—isn’t always a completely satisfying experience, but that photographs can sometimes achieve what words cannot. ‘The similarities are even more obvious through photographs,’ she maintains. Tracey hopes to show people who view her exhibit that oppression of the type experienced by Blacks, Native Americans, and other groups doesn’t exist solely in the U.S., and that the solution to their suffering is solidarity. Ultimately she hopes her exhibit will draw out people’s humanity and ‘touch something inside of them’ they maybe didn’t realize existed.” 

To help fund her photo exhibit for display, please visit her Faithify campaign page here: