Omaha, Nebraska I Omaha World Herald


Eyewitness Palestine delegate Sharon Conlon wrote to the Omaha World-Herald last week about the Millard North High School’s district revoking their invitation of Nora Carmi, a Palestinian Christian woman, on the basis that the district wanted to ‘protect students from politicization.’

Sharon writes, “I heard Carmi speak three times: at Creighton University, the College of St. Mary and a Pacific Springs Retirement Center luncheon for faith leaders. She spoke about how her faith helped her cope with the injustices of living under the Israeli military occupation.

I know the accuracy of her statements. This spring I was in Palestinian East Jerusalem and the West Bank and experienced the racism of the government toward non-Jews.

It’s a shame that Millard Schools did not allow her to speak; the district used censorship as a form of “protection.” Apparently administrators don’t understand the difference between criticizing the Israeli government policies and hating Jews. When I criticize the U.S. government, I do not hate Americans.”

Sharon's full piece can be read here.