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Sand Art by Mohamed N. Abu Amr on Gaza Beach, Martyred during The Great March of Return

Sand Art by Mohamed N. Abu Amr on Gaza Beach, Martyred during The Great March of Return

Eyewitness Palestine delegate Ajamu Baraka writes a condemnation of the murder of Palestinians by Israeli Forces during The Great March of Return and a condemnation of the violence of Sacramento Police against Stephon Clark, highlighting the broader March for Our Lives. He writes:

“The Israeli government continues its brazen disregard for life and even bragged about the killing in a now-deleted message posted on Twitter, proclaiming they ‘know where every bullet landed.’ Israel has no reason to fear retribution. As a client state of the United States, it acts with complete impunity. Every gun, bullet, bomb and tank in Israel is paid for by our government. The United States uses its seat on the United Nations Security Council to protect Israel and to defend it against the international law it violates on a daily basis.
The killings in Gaza occurred as people across the United States continued to demand justice for Stephon Clark, the Sacramento, California, man killed by police in that city. He is one of over 1,000 people in the United States who die at the hands of police every year. Police departments across the country are trained by the Israelis, who are expert at subjugating and terrorizing their colonized population.

The people are righteously angry about gun violence. The March for Our Lives must be a march for every life, for people victimized by armed individuals, for people killed by police departments, and for people all over the world killed by the U.S. military and its client states. BAP condemns the increased militarization of police departments in this country, which continues the violent occupation of communities of color and makes the deaths of people like Stephon Clark an inevitability.

The connections between Palestine and occupied America are clear. BAP demands justice in the United States and in Israel and calls upon peace loving people everywhere to oppose state violence against oppressed people.”

You can read the full statement here.