Eyewitness Palestine Delegates Put Focus on ICE

Portland, OR; San Francisco, CA; Los Angeles, CA; etc  I  Demonstrations Against Family Separation and the Criminalization of Immigrants

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Eyewitness Palestine delegates joined hundreds of thousands of people around the United States to demand an end to the Trump Administration's family separation policy and call for an end to the racist policies of the Immigration and Custom Enforcements agency.

Among the delegates taking action were Sharif Zakout, who helped organize an emergency response rally in San Francisco, California; Paula Graciela-Kahn, who posted up outside the federal building in Los Angeles, CA; and Ron Werner Jr. who organized a vigil at the Sheridan Federal Prison outside Portland, OR. More delegates were also active in other locations.

Ron posted on Instagram:

"Over 1200 people came to the vigil at the Sheridan federal prison last night! From across the state of Oregon people have come together to denounce the Trump Administration’s new “zero tolerance” policy which has led to the separation of over 2000 families and led to use of federal prisons as detention facilities. We stand with the 123 immigrant men who have been transferred to Sheridan and denied phone calls, access to lawyers, and clergy visits. This policy is an assault to human dignity and must be stopped!"

Paula shared:

"My friend had migrated from Retauleo Guatemaya. She was pregnant. Her baby's father had died at work via a freak accident with electricity. Her parents withdrew support from her because she was pregnant. She was studying civil law, particularly regarding violence towards women. She was being stalked and threatened by a man who knew what time she would leave school and would follow her and tell her he would murder her if she didn't come w/him. She filed a police report in Guate and decided she had nothing to stay for. She migrated pregnant and alone. By the time we met she was in intense despair. I focused my energy that weekend on coordinating her first ultra sound because it's crucial to have proof of ones pregnancy going into ice detention. Otherwise they could later deny she was ever pregnant if a miscarriage happens. Today I learned she lost the asylum case because she said she wanted her child to be born in safe country. She was deported yesterday and will be turned in to the Guatemalan consulate. . . More of us need to show up and denounce migrant concentration camps and take direct action to abolish them. Silence enables these atrocities."