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The wall, like the Berlin Wall, is a wall of oppression.  Having seen it and how it weaves throughout the West Bank, it is clear that it does not provide security but instead oppression, intimidation, economic hardship and the related dependence on foreign aid, and land theft.  It is the Dispossession Wall.

With many sections separating Palestinians from Palestinians it clearly does not provide security but instead prevents Palestinians from reaching their farms, East Jerusalemites from reaching the newly defined smaller East Jerusalem and making travel much more difficult and significantly more time consuming to the point of being impractical. 

Since Palestinians and Israeli Jews are on both sides of the Wall how is it separating them if security were the issue?  Instead it is an obstacle for Palestinians. Israeli Jews have bypass routes to avoid it.

One objective is clear: the cutoff neighborhoods of East Jerusalem will help Israel meet its Jerusalem 2020 plan of reducing the Palestinian Arab population of East Jerusalem.

When will humanity return?