During the days of early national socialism, Nazi Germany spread a message that the Jewish people were evil, sub-human and all sorts of criminals based on their ethnicity.  The sad reality is that message has been used against the Arab people and the Palestinian people, especially, so that their cries for help are ignored.   Often collectively referenced as terrorists, they have become the definition of a stereotype. 

Beyond that, documenting the unjust actions of Israel (such as taking photos at Israeli military checkpoints) has been made criminal.  Jews who report crimes to international organizations are accused of being traitors.  The basic rights in America to defend against such atrocities do not exist for the Palestinian people, lack of due process, no freedom of assembly, no freedom from quartering solders in one’s home, no right to boycott, etc... 

Such laws and secrecy to suppress the truth, in and of themselves, testify that atrocities are being committed.  Murderers of Palestinian people are celebrated as heroes. Just this week an Israeli Jewish settler shot a Palestinian in cold blood and was not even detained, much less investigated or charged.   Such actions are becoming so common so as to inoculate and desensitize the Israeli people from the innate value of human life.   Unless the situation is changed genocide is not merely a question of if, but when.