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Dear all my relatives, friends and barely acquainted friends who support the Zionist project of Israel,

Please sit with me for a while, I have too many stories that scream to be told.  
A twelve year old boy picks up a stone and throws it at a fully geared soldier. The boy is sent to a prison for 20 years. Maybe bargained down to 18. His family will not be able to visit because they will not get permits to travel. 
Or they will have to supply his prison under House Arrest.
What will his mother and father do? What of his brothers and sisters? His classmates? His future children?
8,000 child prisoners since 2000
Every fact has thousands of faces not counted in that number.
Which will touch you more? Is it worth it to you to hear about the lives that are being crushed?
The efforts to simply live life?
Will you flinch at the hatred that is being planted? 
Yes. Maybe. Because you still have
Your own pain. 
Your own story. 
Your own place in this world. 
All that is yours does not erase these facts.
Is the terror of a child and stones because you believe so much in David and Goliath? David is from the Dheishah refugee camp. The IDF came in the middle of the night and pulled him out of his house.
How can I tell you about the frustration that rams throughout this
Area A
Area B
Area C
Plan D. Plan Dalet for ethnic cleansing.
Letter of the alphabet screams
And can I tell you that despite the frustration
Palestinians also pick up their pens, their brushes, their dreams, their heartbeat
And they find the cracks in the wall.
Their happiness bears no relation to Happiness.

Let me know how to reach you.

Yours in solidarity with life,