Dianu.  Enough. 


Israelis are scared.

Israelis are denied the truth of what they are doing.  It is so hard to find the truth especially for Jews who are told we need to fear out annihilation and therefore defend ourselves. 

Muslims and Jews have more similarities than differences.  I often look at Palestinians and think they are Jewish and vice versa. 

Israel has created so many false dichotomies to maintain an oppressive power dynamic as the US has for centuries as well. 

Let’s wake up.  Let’s learn oppression does not heal fear.  It masks fear with violence. 

Israel, step down, stop the settlements.  Stop the occupation.  It will be okay.  There’s ways to coexist.  Muslims and Jews did it peacefully before 1948.  It’s possible after, though it will take healing and reparations. 

Dianu.  Enough.