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There's only one way to truly understand the realities of Palestine/Israel - through the eyes of those who live there. Join us on a journey of discovery and solidarity. 

Eyewitness Palestine has led 67 delegations and guided more than 1,300 people to Palestine/Israel since 2001.

When words fail to describe reality, it is best to see and experience it for yourself. Eyewitness Palestine is the best partner for first-timers as well as long-time activists.
— Jennifer Kuiper, Eyewitness Palestine delegate —

Join Us in Palestine/Israel

2019 Delegations

Join one of these four unique journeys to Palestine/Israel


What to Expect

An Eyewitness Palestine delegation is a unique human journey. When you travel with us, you will see injustice, but you will also see steadfastness and hope.

Visit community centers, civil society organizations, farms, and collectives; tour sites of historic and religious significance; and meet people of faith from all three Abrahamic religions.

We are driven by a sense of responsibility forged in human connections - a warm cup of tea, a shared laugh, or a stumbling attempt at debka (the Palestinian folk dance our hosts so energetically share).

Your journey is garuanteed to be real, honest, heartfelt, and genuine. These are the ingredients we mix in every delegation.

Preparing for Your Delegation

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With Eyewitness Palestine you will be prepared and confident for your journey.

Preparatory resources and educational webinars will get you ready to go while our staff are on hand to answer your questions.

Our orientation in Washington, DC is a vital time for the group to build cohesion and a sense of purpose. Sessions and workshops focus on team-building, communicating our experiences, the logistics of travel and entry, and racial justice and equity. 

Travel and Safety

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When you join Eyewitness Palestine, your safety is our priority.

We’ve led over 60 delegations since 2001 without a single major safety incident. We travel on established airlines and air-conditioned buses (often with wi-fi). Our professional drivers are adept at navigating the narrow streets and unique traffic conditions of the Holy Land.

We monitor the security situation and maintain regular contact with Palestinian and Israeli partners; our licensed guides are experts in understanding the local security situation; and our leaders are experienced and equipped to deal with any situation.

We focus on safety so you can focus on learning, connecting with Palestinians and Israelis, and building solidarity.

Food and Hospitality

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Palestinians take great pride in their hospitality, and you will understand why!

On your delegation, you will stay most nights at clean and comfortable Palestinian-owned hotels (rated 3.5 - 5 stars). You will spend one or two nights each delegation in the homes of Palestinian families and/or community centers.

Expect mountains of rice, vegetables, and meat, fresh salads, delicious dips, and plenty of international options such as pizza, sandwiches, and wraps. We often accommodate vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free diets.

Food is a key cultural element in this region, and you’ll be fed very well!

Professional Guides and Experienced Leaders

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An Eyewitness Palestine delegation is not only an amazing travel opportunity - it is an immersive learning experience.

We pair professional guides from Palestine with experienced activists from North America to ensure the best possible learning experience.

Delegation leaders provide sustained support for delegates from the time the trip begins until well after it formally ends.

From the moment you are accepted for the delegation, you'll be in an environment custom designed to enhance your understanding of Palestine/Israel.

Meet the Peace-Builders

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Eyewitness Palestine delegates root their understanding in the life stories of Palestinian and Israeli peace-builders.

Learn directly from those engaged in nonviolent resistance to oppression; organizing their own communities for action; and working together to build the foundations for a just society.

On an Eyewitness Palestine delegation, you will connect Palestinians and Israelis working for peace with justice.

The voices of these courageous changemakers can break the paralysis and inform us about the possibilities for a lasting peace based on justice.

your journey continues

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You will return from your Eyewitness Palestine delegation educated, motivated, and inspired. If you are ready to jump into activism in your community, we’ll be there to help.

Your fellow delegates hail from all walks of life, across North America and beyond. Each brings unique knowledge, skills, and experience to the journey.

When you join Eyewitness Palestine, you join a community of change-makers!


Ready for Your Journey for Justice?