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You will return from your Eyewitness Palestine delegation educated, motivated, and inspired. If you are ready to jump into activism in your community, we’ll be there to help you.

Our signature Education and Advocacy Program is designed to provide skills and experiences you can leverage in your community. Since 2001, we've helped more than 1,300 delegates tell their stories confidently and strategically!

Eyewitness Palestine has transformed more than 1,300 people far and wide, helping build the mass movement we need for justice so long overdue. There is no better organization that I know of to take you on that journey.
— Anna Baltzer, lecturer, author, and organizer —

Resources and Support


With Eyewitness Palestine, we're with you every step on your ongoing journey for justice. You'll benefit from sustained support for your advocacy.

Our experienced staff meet you where you are and work to suit your needs.  

Receive new resources, exclusive trainings, and direct support, which you can use in your own community.

As an Eyewitness Palestine delegate, we'll work with you to exercise your voice and engage in meaningful action for justice!

Webinars and Workshops

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We use the newest technology to provide you with access to leading activists and organizers in the movement for Palestinian rights!

Custom webinars focus on current topics and skills-building in the areas of messaging and framing, grassroots organizing for Palestinian rights, and more.

Specially designed workshops help you refine skills in media advocacy, grassroots lobbying at local and national levels of government, and more.

With Eyewitness Palestine, you will learn, grow, and develop as an effective advocate for Palestinian rights and a just peace in Palestine/Israel.

Racial Justice and Equity

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At Eyewitness Palestine, we know that injustices in Palestine/Israel are often reflected in our own communities.

Understanding the intersections of these injustices helps us build power in our communities, create effective coalitions for justice, and accelerate the movement for Palestinian rights.

Our Racial Justice and Equity curriculum is designed to identify frameworks for advocacy and strengthen our accountability to communities struggling for justice.

If you recognize the inherent right of all people to a life of dignity, please join us on this transformative journey for justice!

join Our Community

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When you join an Eyewitness Palestine delegation, you join a growing community of educators, organizers, and changemakers. 

We connect you to others in your community. Regional Delegate Networks provide support for you when you return, and our national partners have local groups organizing in your area.

We work with you to learn, grow, and develop your advocacy in whatever way is best suited to you.

Eyewitness Palestine delegates are among the most effective advocates for peace in Palestine/Israel. Since 2001, delegates have utilized our resources and support for thousands of events and media appearances. That's how we know our approach works! 

More than a delegation, Eyewitness Palestine is a community working towards justice. 

Together, we'll pursue justice and build the movement for Palestinian rights.

Our Delegates

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For many, an Eyewitness Palestine delegation acts as a catalyst for activism.

For others, the delegation provides the grounding on which to hinge a deeper understanding or renewed commitment to justice. 

Read about Some of Our Active Delegates

meet more Eyewitness Palestine delegates

Delegates in Action

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These are examples of work done by Eyewitness Palestine delegates following their journeys to Palestine/Israel. Since 2001, hundreds of Eyewitness Palestine delegates have utilized our resources and support for thousands of events and media appearances.

From the pages of the New York Times to town halls around North America, our delegates are pursuing peace with justice for Palestinians and Israelis. Read about their efforts on our Delegates in Action blog.

more events and actions from Eyewitness Palestine delegates

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Nadya, our Education and Advocacy Coordinator, is ready to answer your questions! Ask us about our resources, program of support, the racial justice and equity curriculum, or anything else. Nadya is here to help!


Ready for Your Journey for Justice?