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For participants on Eyewitness Palestine delegations, an unforgettable on-the-ground experience in Palestine/Israel is only the beginning. Our Education and Advocacy Program helps delegates develop and enhance their knowledge and skills. That's why our network of change-makers and justice-builders is so strong.

Eyewitness Palestine (formerly Interfaith Peace-Builders) delegates reach tens of thousands through educational efforts, media appearances, and organizing initiatives.

My Eyewitness Palestine experience moved me to work and learn each day as part of the solidarity movement. It gave me the confidence to speak up for justice, equality and freedom for the Palestinian people.
— Sally Campbell, Eyewitness Palestine delegate —

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Eyewitness Palestine isn't just a trip-planner, we're a community of over 1,200 delegates. With innovative education, skill-building, and networking, we support you before and after your trip. Your journey begins with the delegation and continues after you return home.