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Eyewitness Palestine delegate Safeer M. wrote a  moving post upon recently returning:

“Been trying to avoid sharing this since yesterday morning. Members of the group & I stayed with Fashek and had breakfast with him and Raed when we stayed at the Dehesha refugee camp in Bethlehem. I had written earlier about staying at Fashek’s place and having to close the windows due to the tear gas fired in the camp by the Israeli army. At breakfast, Fashek told us that him and Raed were the only two out of his eleven friends who had not been killed or arrested. A few weeks ago, we found out that Fashek was taken to jail by the the Israeli army - no charges, trial, nothing.

Yesterday we found out that Raed had been shot five times by the Israeli army.
I was following Raed on snapchat and had collected his contact info. Out of haste and uncomfort, I deleted Raed from my snapchat. It may sound superficial but I’ve never deleted someone from social media because they died and now I regret it.

We can’t forget about Raed and countless other victims of injustice just because it is uncomfortable. The truth is not always easy to swallow and if you don’t have the knowledge or first hand experiences like this to feel pain, it is your duty in this day and age to seek it.

I will never hear from Raed again due to the criminal, unjust, pathetic, cowardly Israeli army. God willing, one day Palestine will be free."

Rest in Power Raed al-Salhi


LINK: http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2017/09/raid-al-salhi-dies-israeli-raid-dheisheh-camp-170904042323813.html