Calling for Accountability of the 35th anniversary of the Massacre of Sabra & Shatila

USA I Al-Jazeera

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As we enter the 35th anniversary of the Sabra & Shatila massacre, we enter 35 years with neither accountability nor justice.

In this reflective op-ed, Nabil Mohamad –a survivor of the massacre, writes that the brutalization in Sabra & Shatila “was a direct consequence of Israel’s violation of the American-brokered ceasefire and the impunity bestowed on Israel by the US and the international community.” He writes, that “the international community is obliged to remedy its moral responsibility” to the victims and the survivors.

You can access the full article by clicking the LINK here:

You can also listen to Mahmoud Darwish’s poem, Sabra & Shatila, written after the massacre, here:

and find the English translation of the poem here:

(Please be aware that parts of the poem are quite heavy, as they reflect some of the realities of the events from Sept. 16th-Sep. 18th, 1982)