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Brooklyn, NY I Brooklyn–Inshallah

Eyewitness Palestine delegate Seth M. is part of the team working on “Brooklyn, Inshallah”, the story of how Khader El-Yateem, the first Arab American ever to run in a Democratic primary for an open seat on the NY City Council, registered and mobilized over 3,000 Arab & Muslim voters. The hopes is that his story will mobilize many more Arab and Muslim voters in the future.

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Letter: Lawyers and Advocates Demand Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Stop Denying Entry to Human Rights Advocates

New York, NY I Center for Constitutional Rights

Eyewitness Palestine delegates from the 2018 Justice Delegation, as well as delegation leaders Huwaida Arraf and Jamil Dakwar, signed onto this letter of over 100 lawyers and advocates to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressing concern over Israel's policy of detaining and denying entry to human rights advocates.

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