Hebron marketplace trash 8.1.18 (C Flatley D65).jpg

Today's focus was physicality — not one other day relied so heavily upon visuals as today in both the Naqab and Hebron.

The Naqab — cancer-causing phosphorus plant as an invader; unrelenting heat; dust and desolation; lifelessness.

Hebron — downward movement from Israeli homes atop Palestinian markets, separated by wire netting coated in trash, rocks, and urine-filled bottles from above; fake histories being touted by Israeli guides (we were told); a little girl with a scar on her left cheek from a tear gas canister thrown through glass windows; a hollowness in faces; swathed in bland yellows and pale greens; stories of 'volunteer' military in their watchtowers.

Today's focus was physicality — the space had never been so overwhelming, the upset so felt.