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The Notorious Khalil Checkpoint

We approached the checkpoint at 1 pm in the afternoon after an afternoon of learning about apartheid policies and dictates in Khalil (Hebron). We saw the marketplaces that had been shuttered due to settlement expansion because the Israeli settlers above wanted to build a basketball court.

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Apartheid, Up Close and Personal

Went through another checkpoint today. We pulled up to it, and they had the routine initial questions: Them: “Who is with you?” Us: “Americans.” Them: “We’re going to check.” So they boarded the bus. Machine guns, attitude, and settler colonial privilege.

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For my bar-mitzvah, one hundred trees were planted in Israel in my name. Trees dot the landscape on the first part of the drive from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv-Yafo. Forests and clumps of trees are clearly visible from the highway. If you look closer, you can see some stone walls and foundations among the trees.

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