Olive Harvest Delegation

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October 28 - November 10, 2017

The Olive Harvest Delegation focused on the Palestinian harvest season and its deep cultural significance. 

Read eyewitness accounts from the ground, reports from meetings, and experiences with Palestinians and Israelis below.

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In addition to other themes, this delegation explored how Palestinian access to land and water is limited through illegal Israeli settlement infrastructure and Israeli military policy. 

Delegates also met with Palestinian groups and communities that continue to resist and organize for their rights, as well Israelis resisting militarization and working for peace with justice.

This delegation was Eyewitness Palestine's 63rd, successfully exposing more than 1,200 people to the daily realities facing Palestinians in their quest for justice.

We believe in the power of eye-witness experience and transformation. Given the opportunity to speak directly with Palestinians and Israelis, delegates return to the United States better informed, more energized, and with a deeper understanding of the possibilities for true justice in the Middle East.

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Eyewitness Accounts from the Delegation


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We invite delegation participants to comment on and react to their experiences in Palestine/Israel in these eyewitness accounts.  Rather than comprehensive accounts of every meeting or experience, these are impressions of individual experiences.  Submitted accounts may be edited for clarity or brevity.

Eyewitness accounts do not necessarily reflect the views of Eyewitness Palestine or delegation partner organizations.  We hope you enjoy reading and we encourage you to share these reflections with others.