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Stairs. There are so many stairs in Palestine. And when there are no stairs there is rocky, uneven terrain. My poor arthritic back does not like stairs. I like to see all these stairs as a metaphor, as a sign of struggle. Not just my struggle, but one of structure for the Palestinian people.

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Memory’s Invaluable Inheritance

“Come and see and go and tell,” the gentle man with the soft voice bid us. We sat in one of the caves at the Tent of Nations outside of Bethlehem and listened as he chronicled 27 years of nonviolent community building. We came from different locations throughout the U. S., came to listen as he instructed on the value of staying put, of staking a claim, of valuing what we have been given.

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Future as Resistance

To be honest, I thought that the Palestinian Heirloom Seed Library in Bethlehem would give me an opportunity to put down my notebook and rest my brain for a bit. I didn’t realize that urban gardening could be such a remarkable site of struggle.

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