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From Gas Chambers to Tear Gas

During a stop on our delegation, a woman showed our group a crate full of tear gas canisters she picked up from her garden over time. She asked our group to help her research which plans she can grow that will withstand the poisonous fumes emitted from the canisters.  She passed the crate of cans around for the group to see up close, “Made in Philadelphia” they read.

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Future as Resistance

To be honest, I thought that the Palestinian Heirloom Seed Library in Bethlehem would give me an opportunity to put down my notebook and rest my brain for a bit. I didn’t realize that urban gardening could be such a remarkable site of struggle.

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Visit to the Palestinian Heirloom Seed Library

The Palestinian Heirloom Seed Library is based on the property of a beautiful, recently restored Palestinian home just beyond the annexation/ expansion wall in Bethlehem.  The beauty of the house, of the terraced gardens, and of the vision guiding this work stand in profound contrast to the slabs of cement, the barbed wire, and the violence of wall.

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